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Jiangsu Fangbang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a is located in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China, set research and development, production, sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprises, specializing in the production of square bottom bag machine (leaflet paper, roll paper, automatic and semi automatic) and soft printing machine series (machine group and cascading) series and other products; as China's most professional paper bag machine and soft printing machine manufacturer, Jiangsu State Machinery Co., Ltd. has been working to provide customers provide different printing and packaging solutions.
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1. Overview
This factory was established in 2005, and today, we employ 120 people at our 7.5 acre site, allowing us to have an annual sales revenue of more than $15 million USD. 
2. Lobby and Wall of Honor
Our numerous awards are a tangible way to show our commitment to quality management and technological innovation. We are also proud to produce roll-fed, square bottom paper bag making machines that set the standards for the Chinese paper bag machine industry.
3. Sales Central and Paper Bag Sample Exhibition
Consistent quality has helped us earn our reputation among paper converting machine users and related engineering companies and continuous technological innovation allows us to maintain that reputation. By taking a virtual tour around our exhibition room customers can see the number of well-known companies that have been doing business with us.
4. Machining Workshop 
We own and operate more than 100 sets of machining and inspection equipment- In our workshop thousands of precision parts are manufactured and tested each month.
5. Assembly Workshop
We have invested heavily in our assembly capability which allows us to produce bulk orders quickly and within customer budgets.
6. Operator Training Workshop 
As an added benefit of other perks offered here, Fangbang offers tree operator training programs that will teach operators on the latest skills needed to run paper bag machines.
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